RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron

A professional 1 1/4″ ceramic straight iron that features a ryton housing, ceramic heater and titanium-infused ceramic plates with sol-gel technology. This combination yields ultimate heat and unprecedented performance results.

The CTC Professional Ceramic Str8 Iron leaves hair straight, smooth and shiny.

Positioning the iron as close to the roots as possible.

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Product Description
Rusk ctc professional str8 irons are made to meet the highest standards of beauty professionals. this lightweight, titanium-infused ceramic iron utilize ctc technology, which produces even heat transer from roots to ends. the sol-gel technolgy provides a smooth glide while leaving hair in optimal condition.

Brand Story
RUSK is one of the premier salon brands in the world – a brand that taps into contemporary life, to what people are feeling, how they want to look & what they want to use on their hair.

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