6th Sense FH-1 Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener Ceramic Tourmaline


About the Product

★ NO PINCH – The 6th Sense Pro iron’s floating plates give you a smooth straightening experience.
★ 1 PASS: Other irons promise 1 pass, we deliver it – straight beautiful hair in ½ the time.
★ STYLE THAT LASTS – So, if you want salon fresh hair that can last all day, we’ve got you covered.

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Product Description
What can a professional quality, ceramic tourmaline flat iron hair straightener, that was as light as a feather, do for you? Is a no pinch experience resulting in silky straight hair good enough? What if you could have
Silky Straight Hair in ½ the Time?

What if there was a flat iron that left you looking like you just stepped out of your favorite salon? What if…
Well, ask no more. The 6th Sense Pro flat iron delivers just what you want in a flat iron.

•Smooth, silky hair in 1 pass.
•A styles that can last for hours, all day and sometimes longer.
•No pinching, no snagging or pulling.
•Flip curls that look like you had a celebrity hairstylist hovering over you for hours
•No burning or heat troubled hair because this iron does its job fast. Its microchip controlled heating element keeps even heat over the surface of the floating plates at the exact right temperature for your hair.
• Giving you pin straight gorgeous hair that is less prone to breakage or frizz, that is shiny and healthy. In ½ the time!
So, get ready for questions like, “Mmmmm… who did your hair?” and “Aren’t you a model?” Be prepared to look like you just came off the set and the turning heads that say, “Wow!”

So, don’t deny yourself the pleasure. Get Your 6th Sense Pro flat iron today and look and feel stunning!

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